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 Hunt and Peck
 Year 2014
 Length 1:00
 Instrumentation  Brass Quintet
The title of this piece is tongue in cheek and derived from the two horn calls in the second half of the piece and the pecking quality of the staccato 16th notes played at one time or another by the entire quintet. I was also thinking "peck horn" as being a slang term for trumpet. But I was misremembering, and "peck horn" refers to the E-flat Alto Horn [link] not the trumpet.
Hunt and Peck [demo]

Hunt and Peck

Hunt and Peck [Score]
Hunt and Peck -- Trumpet 1
Hunt and Peck -- Trumpet 2
Hunt and Peck -- Horn
Hunt and Peck -- Trombone
Hunt and Peck -- Tuba
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