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 Butterfly Ball -- Simon Centipede's Tune of Tunes
 Year 1990
 Length 2:00
 Instrumentation  Piano
This is a transcription of Simon Centipede's "Tune of Tunes" from the Roger Glover album "The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper Feast". The album project as a whole was intended as a soundtrack to an animated film based on the Alan Aldrige children's book of the same name. That book was in turn based on an 1807 poem by William Roscoe. Fortunately, the film never went past the proof-of-concept phase---I have seen a clip from it and it was frankly awful. The album however is a real treat. Glover brings in everyone who is anyone in British rock. The songs are good, the arrangements are clever and the production values are great. [Ronny James Dio as the somewhat trippy character "Froggy" is especially memorable.]

The album was found in a cut-out bin by a friend of mine and we both fell in love with it immediately. Some of the songs are hauntingly beautiful---"Waiting" [Link] for example. Anyway, track 18 on the remastered CD is called "The Feast" but was known on the original album as "Simon Centipede's Tune of Tunes" and is a medley of short snippets of most of the other songs on the album, presumably played by Simon as dinner music.

I transcribed this for my own playing pleasure in my undergraduate days and have enjoyed coming back to it. I only included the notes without dynamics and phrasing, etc. As with the "Firth of Fifth" transcription, you either know the music or you don't. I would probably change some things if doing it again, but I am presenting it as I did it back in the day.

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Simon Centipede's Tune of Tunes
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