WorksChamber > Shimmer
 Year 2012
 Length 1:00
 Instrumentation  Woodwind Quintet
At the request of the West Point Woodwind Quintet, all of the pieces on this program were written in honor of the sesquicentennial of the US Civil War. Shimmer invokes the hazy buzz of a lazy summer afternoon in a certain wheat field at Gettysburg, where a young boy lies on his back looking at the sky--as if two armies were not about to hurl themselves upon each other with devastating consequences.
  • Selected to be one movement of 15-Minutes of Fame: West Point Woodwind Quintet new music concert.
 Performance History
  • 29-APR-2012 1:00 PM, Jan Hus Church, New York City -- West Point Woodwind Quintet  [Link]
Shimmer -- West Point Woodwind Quintet -- 29-APR-2012

Shimmer -- Computer Generated Demo

Full Score
Shimmer -- Flute
Shimmer -- Oboe
Shimmer -- Clarinet
Shimmer -- Horn
Shimmer -- Bassoon
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