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 "Sleepers" chosen for performance [2013-11-21 09:20:19]
My piece "The Sleepers in that Quiet Earth" has been chosen for performance on the 15 Minutes of Fame concert, January 12, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Jan Hus Church, 351 East 74th Street, New York City. Nice!... [more]
 The Sleepers in that Quite Earth [2013-09-15 12:12:12]
I have posted score and audio demo for a new work "The Sleepers In that Quite Earth" ... [more]
 "Those be rubies..." [2013-05-27 23:30:06]
I have posted a score and computer realization of a new short piece for harp ensemble called: "Those be rubies..." ... [more]
 Carl Sandburg Poems Updated [2012-08-08 23:39:30]
I have received permission from Houghton Harcourt Mifflin Publishing to use the four Carl Sandburg poems that I set many years ago for SATB chorus. I have updated the scores to include the new copyright permissions and put them back online. I will be... [more]
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